Turn Your Everyday Business Activities into Great-Green Rewards





We believe you shouldn't have to choose between running a great biz and a greener biz, and as a Member of Izzit Rewards you won't have to. Our top-notch Service Providers want to attract businesses like yours and are willing to offer big savings to do it!




Izzit chooses service partners with great offerings, value, reputations and a willingness to reward your green commitment to grow a great-green business!

Earn Rewards



Every deal includes an Izzit rewards incentive for you to redeem toward all sorts of cool green services and products - for your biz, and for you! So Izzit Rewards will help make your business greater and greener every time you choose a service through the network.

Spotlight Member Testimonial


'In our first year alone, we saved $770 and earned a new, highly efficient thermostat for our warehouse. This year, we'll save over $1500 while earning a new reward. All of this from one simple decision with Izzit.'

New England Office Warehouse provides used office furnishings at low prices. Their business model is decidedly green-friendly, but their vintage 25,000 sq. ft. warehouse sometimes wasn't. NEOW was also spending too much on their payment processing services. A member worried about money at the card swiper and energy in the warehouse is a great Izzit Green opportunity! We worked with our business partner Integrity Merchant Services to switch NEOW to a better payment processing plan. That one switch enabled all of this:



in the first 12 Months after switching to Integrity Merchant Services through Izzit Green



Izzit Bucks earned for greening rewards in addition to their actual savings in that period


New T'stat

NEOW is using their Izzit bucks to purchase and install a new Nest Learning Thermostat in their warehouse



NEOW is using their Izzit bucks to purchase and install a new Nest Learning Thermostat in their warehouse

Izzit's approach and savings are elegantly simple - and NEOW's lesson alone should make you want to follow this link right here:

How the Network Operates

Choose your services:

Sometimes earning rewards is as easy as following a link - like shopping for supplies or planning your next business trip. While others require a little start-up effort, but then earn rewards every time you use them - like payment processing and payroll services.


But all are geared toward providing your business with a great service, and a greening reward!

Use your services & watch your rewards grow:

Some IGBN members are earning hundreds of IzzitGreen bucks each month and are daring to dream of significant greening improvements for their businesses.


Make a Plan:

With IzzitGreen, making a plan can be a simple as choosing an item from our reward catalog, or saying ‘I want to replace all of my office lightbulbs with LEDs’ or even a unique plan like letting Izzit pay to get your business eco-certified.


Regardless of your plan’s simplicity or grandiosity, Izzit will support you with your very own IzzitGreen Network Concierge to see your rewards through.

Cash 'em In, Rinse & Repeat:

When the time comes, you can cash-in your Izzit Bucks for the rewards of your choosing. After that, you’ll just keep right on earning and greening and earning some more...

Why Our Partners Reward Green

One simple truth: Green Business is Good Business

And when seen from that perspective, it’s easy to understand why our business partners would want to attract our members, offer great deals to our members, provide a great services to our members, tout our members and retain our members as long-term customers.
Izzit simply insists that they live up to those expectations, and always offer a greening reward to our great-green members can become greater and greener every day.
Feel free to think of it as a free-market, great-green (and somewhat clever) subsidy that’s custom fit to help you achieve your company’s greening goals.

What types of Services?

Really. Every Everyday Activity is an Opportunity

The Sasquatch may look silly, but he's as serious as a blizzard when he says you can earn greening rewards with lots and lots of your everyday business activities...every day!

Making Purchases

Earn rewards simply by making purchases for your business (or your family) on any one of hundreds of leading websites.


Travel for business? Each trip can earn your biz some greening rewards if you book your trips through your favorite travel sites with IzzitGreen.

Accepting Payments

Make your business a little greener every time you swipe a card or accept an online transaction.

Managing Employees

Great employees make your business hum, so why not earn some greening bucks every time you pay them or offer them benefits.

Marketing & Promotion

Your in this game to grow. Right? That's why Izzit has partnered with a gaggle of exceptional providers of services and tools to help you do just that. Green while you promote!

More Every Day...

Izzit wants to help your business do all three every day. That's why we're adding services to help you take advantage of the entire range of activities you do all the time to make your business thrive.

Tons of Commerce Sites

Your business can earn IzzitGreen Rewards by shopping at hundreds of online retailers, sources for supplies and travel sites, along with an ever-growing list of business services providers.